Coding is a new literacy to modern digital era. Every student should learn to code. These days everyone knows at least a little about computers, from the 3-year-old who can browse through his parents smartphone to the grandmother who is available on Instagram or Facebook. We all are constant consumers of computational media. But what about creating media? We should give our kids chance to become Creaters not only Consumers. 

The Earlier, The Better

 Experts agree that children should be taught how to code at the earliest age possible. They are capable of grasping fundamental computer concepts. They can start with Block based programming where they can drag and drop blocks to solve different puzzles without writing any piece of code. 

Enhance Creativity Skills

It’s very important for kids to feel that they have the power of Creation. Coding will encourage them to learn new things and help them to learn from their mistakes. Programming helps children to explore their ideas. It is process of experimentation where they get to learn how to handle simple tasks by using some commands. 

More Confident and Persistent

When they will create something on their own, they’ll feel more confident. Persistence means never give up. It’s always ok to make mistakes but they will learn that we should Continue to work towards our goal.

Problem Solver

This is a very powerful skill– not only professionally and academically, but throughout life. The core principle of coding is tapping into your problem-solving mindset. Kids will solve different puzzles in different ways and think out of their box. They’ll start thinking on their own which help them in every phase of life. They will come out as a Problem Solver.