Coding is a new literacy to modern digital era. There are two types of Programming languages:

1. Text based programming language

2. Block Based programming language

Text Based Programming Language

Text based programming language is based on text like C++ and Python. In text based programming language, you need to write lines of code to make a Program. They are mainly used by professionals. Text based coding is done by typing text using keyboard and following certain rules and regulations(which we call as Syntax).

Block Based Programming language

Block based programming language like Blockly (via and Scratch involves use of drag and drop ‘BLOCKS’ to solve any puzzle, or to construct animated stories or games. It’s an entry level coding for Early Coders where kids can understand the basic of computer fundamentals using visuals instead of text based coding.

So, It is a visual programming language where you can make your program by dragging and dropping blocks rather than by writing a program.

Which programming language should kids start with?

For Early learners, It’s easier to learn programming using a visual language instead of a text-based language because In Visual programming language, you have blocks which you can simply drag and drop and you’re good to go. You can focus on the logic of the program without worrying about any syntax.

The learning map is like as a child first learns to crawl, becomes good in that and then starts walking. Similarly, in Programming world, gradually kids can move on from Block based programming language to a Text based programming language.

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